Why come and work with us?

Our Vision

Kognity is one of the fastest growing EdTech companies in the world and we will not stop until we have radically improved learning for 1.5 Billion school students globally.

We pursue our vision because there are few more important jobs than educating the world’s young people. No other single factor has higher impact on the prosperity and well-being of humanity than education. Yet technology has previously not delivered on any of its promises of better learning. At Kognity, we have set out to do this.

Who we are

We provide intelligent textbooks to schools in over 70 countries on 5 continents, allowing students to learn things faster and more effectively, and teachers to help students reach their goals.

Kognity is growing 100% year-on-year. We are looking for the sharpest brains, biggest hearts, and greatest drive in Stockholm and internationally, willing to take part in making the world a better place by working at a fun, caring and challenging environment.

Benefits of working at Kognity

Join us for the adventure, the people, and the culture. But we do have some perks as well…


Here at Kognity, you can take up to 9 weeks of vacation, as it’s important to us that you are well rested in order to come back a superstar.

Work-life balance

We want you to live a balanced life, which is why we offer flexible work hours and the ability for you to work remotely from time to time.


Whether it’s softball Tuesday, Fourth of July extravaganza or after work, we’ll have a blast. There is always a reason to socialize with your amazing Kogleagues!

International experience

We have many different nationalities at Kognity to exchange experiences with. Working in an international environment also allows you to travel and meet schools from all over the world.

Expat benefits

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, we will make sure your move to Sweden, and to Kognity, will be as great as can be.

Motivating workplace

Kogformance is our way of allowing all Kognites to have a structured and fun way to reach their goals. Everyone can and will make an impact with quarterly competitions and rewards for achievements!

A healthy life - now and later

We offer a competitive wellness grant and private pension savings.

Find out what our colleagues enjoy the most with working at Kognity

The purpose behind the company and the people in it. Being surrounded by some of the smartest and nicest folks in the world, trying to solve some of the world's most difficult problems, is incredibly inspiring.
Hugo Wernhoff CEO
The team at Kognity is my favourite part! I also like having the opportunity to take ideas and run with them and the ability to affect change – both on our content and processes, but also by hopefully having an impact on how students learn around the world.
Harriet Brinton Head of Content
What has always motivated me is the team we have of ambitious, yet caring individuals who make Kognity's culture unique. In addition, the vision we have to radically improve learning for 1.5 billion school students is inspiring and when we get positive feedback from a student or teacher from somewhere around the world who tell us how much Kognity has helped them, motivation increases further!
Sebastian Sherif Deputy COO
Company culture is hugely important and Kognity has a great culture around making an impact and caring for each other.
Paul Linton Software Engineer
What I love the most about working at Kognity is that I get to work with something I genuinely believe in & that actually makes a difference. I also LOVE my co-workers, it's such an amazing atmosphere at the office.
Hanna Aldén Office Manager

Available positions

At Kognity we believe in each individual’s mindset and unique set of skills, therefore we recruit primarily on personality and ambition. See a position you’d be perfect for? Don’t miss out, apply today!