Meet Our Amazing Team

Abigail Bryant

Customer Support Manager

Alice Ford

Account Manager Leader

Alice Kelly

Senior Project Manager

Amanda Rock


Anna Lifvergren

Content Manager

Anne Remy

SDR - Africa, Europe & Middle East

Annie Bukuru

Office & HR Assistant

Carl Emilsson

Head of Customer Experience

Charis Tan

SDR - Asia Pacific

Courtney Librizzi

Project Manager

Eliah Leong

SDR Asia Pacific

Elin Bohman

Finance Assistant

Emelie Edeborg

Finance Coordinator

Frida Nilsson

Accounting Manager

Hanna Aldén

Office and HR Coordinator

Hanna Rafols

Support Coordinator - Africa, Europe & Middle East

Harriet Brinton

Head of Content

Helena Fryklund

Deputy SDR Leader

Hugo Wernhoff

Chief Executive Officer

Ingrid Rönnblom

Customer Experience Manager

Jens Kron

Lead UX Designer

Karin Bjerde

Global Business Development Manager

Kristina Engelmark

Project Manager

Kristine de la Cruz

Administrative Coordinator

Lisa Schmelz

Account Manager - Africa, Europe & Middle East

Louise Andersson

Marketing Manager

Marcus Carrigan

Software Engineer

Marcus Erlandsson

Chief Technology Officer

Marina Hartung

Project Manager

Mark Haney

Global Sales Rep

Marta Krakowska

Recruitment Assistant

Martin Linder

SDR Leader

Melodie Emre

Content Design Manager

Michael Chilcott

Senior Project Manager

Nicholas Johansson

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Harinos

SDR - Asia Pacific

Nicolas Foladare

SDR - North America

Niklas Åkesson

Chief Financial Officer

Qiana Johnson

Regional Support Leader (North and Latin America)

Paul Linton

Full-stack Engineer

Rafik Fellal

SDR - Africa, Europe & Middle East

Rebecca Gelson

Senior Project Manager

Regina Cano

Support Coordinator - Latin America

Rokas Dominykas Bareisis

Illustrations Project Manager

Ronja Eriksson

Marketing Intern

Ros Lagda

Business Development Assistant

Sam Sanchez

Regional Support Leader (Asia Pacific)

Sebastian N. Sherif

Head of Growth

Sofie Knutsson

People Operations Leader

Sophie Murten

SDR - Latin America

Stephen Batley

Account Manager - Asia Pacific

Tintin Gonzalez


Vinicius Delgado

Software Engineer