Student Centered Learning: Allowing Students Autonomy over their Work

This weeks blog post is guest written by Emi Sharma. Emi is the Founder/Teacher of Zeki Jaan in Delhi, an after school LEGO Robotics space. Before founding Zeki Jann, Emi has  taught K-8 students in general education and LEGO classes, students … Read More

February’s Meet the Kognite with Marcus E

For February’s ‘Meet the Kognite’ we sat down with our Chief Technology Officer, Marcus to chat with him about his experience of working at Kognity and what it is like heading up the Kognity Tech team. To start off with, … Read More

Looking at the IBDP programme – how do we enable students to be well rounded?

Our guest writer for this week, Chris Lister. Chris is a IBDP Visual Arts teacher at the United Nations International School of Hanoi. He is an IBDP & MYP Visual Arts moderator, team leader and senior examiner, with twelve years of IBDP, IBMYP, … Read More

Effective assessment

Feature: Effective Assessment and Evaluation for New Teachers- More than just Marking Papers

Happy Monday to all our readers, new and old! This week I am featuring and repostng one of our most popular blog posts, given that we have so many new blog followers. This is an opportunity refresh our long time … Read More

Teachers – Run a Marathon, Don’t Sprint!

I am sure there have been days when you left the classroom utterly exhausted. You would have what you thought were picture perfect lesson plans, where you had to ask all the questions, provide all the activities and students had … Read More


4 Fun Ways to Re-Engage Students After the Holiday Break

The December holidays have come and gone, and a new calendar year has begun. During the holiday period, we often prioritise spending quality time with family and friends, reflecting on the past year, and setting our sights on what is … Read More

meet the kognite

January’s ‘Meet the Kognite’ with Alice

At Kognity we are extremely fortunate to work with some truly talented and extraordinary people. In order to not keep all these wonderful people to ourselves, starting in January we will be running a new monthly feature called “Meet the Kognite” … Read More

Happy New Year from everyone at Kognity!

Firstly, Happy New Year from everyone at Kognity! Who can believe it is 2017 already?! 2016 has been an exciting year and we wanted to take this opportunity to take a look back at some our Kognity 2016 highlights:   … Read More

Kognity exam prep

8 Tips to Help Your IB Students Prepare for Mock Exams

The holidays are normally a time of good cheer, celebration, and family. However, for hard-working students, they can also be a time of anxiety and dread. After all, before and after the winter break come mid-term or mock exams, and … Read More

Can technology replace teachers?

Technology vs Teachers: Can technology replace teachers?

The debate Over the last decade, the number of people taking online courses and therefore using technology as a tool to enhance their education has increased dramatically. You can now master a foreign language or complete a whole degree without … Read More