Learning styles

Unlocking Multiple Intelligences with Technology

Take a moment to remember what it was like to be in grade school. You loved certain ways of learning and perhaps disliked others. Whatever your preferences, they were yours and they were part of what made you a unique … Read More

How to make the internet a reliable source of information for IB students?

Ask any millennial who braved High School around the end of the 20th century about research projects and they’re likely to recall the typical stipulation where teachers and students limited their use of online research materials. The internet was still … Read More

Classroom differentiate

How can technology help you differentiate your teaching?

Diversity is a powerful and integral part of any classroom. Students come from a variety of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds and have their own learning styles, speeds, and strengths. The IB recognises that and seeks to promote inclusive education, embracing … Read More

Kognity Conference 2016: IB Coordinator Sofie Muchardt Smith shares her experience

A month on from our first Kognity Conference, we sat down to talk with one of the teachers who attended to share her  experience. Sofie Muchardt Smith is the IB Coordinator at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm, Stockholm. This is what she … Read More

social media

How to Use Social Media to Enrich Your Classroom Instruction

When you suggest the possibility of using Social Media in the classroom, plenty of teachers may look at you funnily. After all, they’ve battled day in and day out with smart phones and tablets, trying to keep students from checking … Read More

How to use Backwards design for effective lesson planning!

As teaching moves further into the 21st century it continues to evolve and change. In order to design lessons with measurable results, teachers need to shift their thinking. Collaboration, along with the integration of content and technology, are the trends … Read More

Flipping the Classroom: IB Examiner Gideon Boulton discusses how to get started

  After an extremely successful Kognity Conference in Barcelona, where the theme was “Flipping the classroom – from concept to reality”, we sat down to discuss exactly that with Gideon Boulton, a physics teacher at Copenhagen International School. Gideon also … Read More

Creating a Global Classroom: 5 Resources for Connecting Students around the World

As educators, we need to help students become globally minded through the expression of curiosity, compassion and empathy with others. It is this philosophy that the IB is founded upon, with a view to developing students who “help create a … Read More

Breaking Down the Classroom Walls: Using Technology to Balance Assessment with Authentic Scholarship

We’ve all been there. In the middle of a lecture or class activity, that one student at the back of the classroom slowly raises a hand. You hesitate to call on them. “When are we ever going to use this … Read More

Digital Textbooks: Websites or Books?

As we delve deeper into a digital age where many things are moving online including education, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us as educators to file our resources under the simple categories we once could. As we find ourselves in … Read More