How to use Backwards design for effective lesson planning!

As teaching moves further into the 21st century it continues to evolve and change. In order to design lessons with measurable results, teachers need to shift their thinking. Collaboration, along with the integration of content and technology, are the trends … Read More

Flipping the Classroom: IB Examiner Gideon Boulton discusses how to get started

  After an extremely successful Kognity Conference in Barcelona, where the theme was “Flipping the classroom – from concept to reality”, we sat down to discuss exactly that with Gideon Boulton, a physics teacher at Copenhagen International School. Gideon also … Read More

Creating a Global Classroom: 5 Resources for Connecting Students around the World

As educators, we need to help students become globally minded through the expression of curiosity, compassion and empathy with others. It is this philosophy that the IB is founded upon, with a view to developing students who “help create a … Read More

Breaking Down the Classroom Walls: Using Technology to Balance Assessment with Authentic Scholarship

We’ve all been there. In the middle of a lecture or class activity, that one student at the back of the classroom slowly raises a hand. You hesitate to call on them. “When are we ever going to use this … Read More

Digital Textbooks: Websites or Books?

As we delve deeper into a digital age where many things are moving online including education, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us as educators to file our resources under the simple categories we once could. As we find ourselves in … Read More

Kognity Conference: Team-Spirit, Experience, Recurrence

Team spirit The advent of technology has made the world smaller. In order to stay at the forefront, each organisation could make use of the benefits brought about by this swift shrinking. The trade of textbook publishing is no exception. … Read More

Learning the Flipped Classroom at the Kognity Conference

Most IB teachers who have seriously thought about flipping their classrooms have read blog posts on the topic. Indeed, this very blog has uploaded numerous pieces on the topic, such as this, this and this. However, the properties of a … Read More

Bringing Educators Together

On the 5th of October in Barcelona, the first ever Kognity Conference will take place. The idea? “Flipping the Classroom – From Concept to Reality”. It’s held in conjunction with the IBAEM Regional Conference, so that the IBAEM conference is put … Read More

Has the IB Forgotten Its Roots?

The Roots of the IB The idea behind the IB is found in a 1948 text written for UNESCO by Marie-Therese Maurette of the International School of Geneva, titled: Is there a way of educating for peace? Still today, the IB … Read More

Don’t Waste IB Teachers – Flipping IB Classrooms

We call it a ‘flipped classroom’ because of the initial idea, primarily aimed at younger students, where students would learn at home using videos and complete assignments in school where they have teacher support. Having learned more about the flipped … Read More