Can technology replace teachers?

Technology vs Teachers: Can technology replace teachers?

The debate Over the last decade, the number of people taking online courses and therefore using technology as a tool to enhance their education has increased dramatically. You can now master a foreign language or complete a whole degree without … Read More

Kognity Confirmed to Speak at EdTech Event

EdTechXEurope – Sharing Kognity’s story One of Kognity’s founders, Hugo Wernhoff, has been invited to speak at Europe’s largest EdTech Summit, EdTechXEurope, in June. The event brings together the sector’s key thought leaders to discuss the technological innovations that best … Read More

How to Build a Disruptive Product

Our methodology for building a disruptive product With global hardware and internet infrastructure improving rapidly,  it’s now possible to build many services that were not so  a mere 5 or 10 years ago. The internet revolution is coming to virtually … Read More

Why Kognity Exists

Why Kognity Exists For the very first proper blog post, I thought it suitable to write a few sentences about why we do what we do.   The problem we solve When starting a company, you typically do so because you … Read More

Welcome to Kognity’s blog

Welcome to Kognity’s blog   It’s a pleasure to open the Kognity official blog. My name is Hugo, and I’m the co-founder of Kognity, the company working to bring digital textbooks to the world.   I look forward to sharing … Read More