Our Physics book is built according to the new IB syllabus (first exams 2016) and supports both HL and SL studies. Written by senior IBDP Physics educators, it caters to both weak and strong students and contains multiple media formats, assessment materials, and exercises for students to take part in. As a teacher, you can see how your students are doing – the strengths, weaknesses and progress of your students are automatically tracked as they move through and do activities in the book.

The Physics book supports:

Full HL and SL coverage

Automatic data gathering and visualisation of students’ strengths, weaknesses and progress.

Content relating to TOK, Nature of Science, and final examinations.

Multiple choice questions and checkpoint questions.

Table of Contents


Measurements and Uncertainties


Thermal Physics


Electricity and Magnetism

Circular Motion and Gravitation

Energy Production

Wave Phenomena


Electromagnetic Induction

Quantum and Nuclear Physics

Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics


  • Relativity

  • Engineering Physics (coming soon)

  • Imaging (coming soon)

  • Astrophysics (coming soon)