90% of students think Kognity improves their grades

95% of teachers think Kognity helps their students learn

I have used Kognity to study on several occasions and it has broadened my knowledge significantly. I find it reassuring as all the required knowledge and knowledge skills are detailed within and this lends a sense of confidence in one’s learning that is not always present.
IB Student at Colegio Anglo Colombiano
Our IB results have increased across the board this year - using Kognity is the only thing we’ve done differently.
Stergios Lazos IB Programme Director at St. Edward High School

St. Edward High School

Lakewood, Ohio, USA

Why we tried Kognity

We wanted to elevate our students to the next level and believe that technology can help with that. Teachers are able to keep tabs on the students and validate if they’ve actually covered the sections they were supposed to. Additionally, Kognity offers practice questions that build a profile of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, which is very useful information for students and teachers.

We are also a one-to-one school and our aim is to move away from physical textbooks completely. The entire world is using devices and we want our students to be educated for the future.

Lastly, we really like the customer service. If a teacher had a question, it was responded very quickly.

How we used Kognity

The trick was to incorporate it into every class, create assignments for students to complete and remind them to read sections in Kognity, which were checked by their teacher. The result of that was that students started to do things on their own, take practice questions on their own and have the ability to take a step back to see what they’ve learned. The good thing was also that we were up and running within a day so it was very easy to get started.

The results

We’ve had fantastic results with Kognity. For example, in Math HL, we are currently one point above the world aver- age thanks to Kognity. In addition, we had a lot more 7s this year. The students who took advantage of the program beyond the classroom earned higher results than their predicted scores. Our 2s and 3s turned into 5s because Kognity solidifies their grades and bumps it up an extra step.

It’s a great product. The students like it and it gives our teachers a new angle because of the information they get from Kognity.

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