About us

Trusted by hundreds of schools in over 70 countries

Who We Are

We are a collection of high achieving individuals that form a collaborative team with one goal in mind – to produce the best and most simple to use intelligent textbooks. Quality drives us and we embrace the responsibility of providing a first-class learning resource. We help teachers teach, we inspire students to learn and we are creating a more fun way to study. We are Kognity.

What We Do

Kognity help schools teach, manage and improve the learning experience for their students. Our ultimate goal is to see the success and steady improvement of students as they navigate through their studies with the help of their teachers. We do that by providing first-class digital textbooks that adapt to the learning needs of students and help teachers coach their students through their education.

Our Story

We’re a textbook publisher, but a different one. Back in 2012, we decided to start reinventing the printed textbook in order to provide a digital, interactive and intelligent textbook. We want to bring life to textbooks and by mixing education with technology, we can help teachers teach and students learn in a drastically more efficient way. Education is not a one size fits all model and nor should the resources be. That is why we are on a mission to bring the world to the digital textbook era in order to improve learning through innovation.


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