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Bringing Educators Together

Posted by Abigail Bryant on September 12, 2016

On the 5th of October in Barcelona, the first ever Kognity Conference will take place. The idea? “Flipping the Classroom – From Concept to Reality”. It’s held in conjunction with the IBAEM Regional Conference, so that the IBAEM conference is put into a more tangible context, and the content of the Kognity Conference gets put into an IB perspective. If teachers are planning to attend one conference, attending the other conference as well takes little additional effort but provides immense value and deeper understanding of both conferences.


Despite only being the first round, Kognity is presenting some major speakers. Richard Henry, the Former IBO Director of Global School Services, will host a keynote session. Richard’s career has revolved around transforming education, always chasing the best opportunities for students.

Equally importantly, a talk will be delivered by Terence Haywood, Former Headmaster of the International School of Milan and Chairman of ECIS. As part of the panel discussion during the second half of the conference, Poonam Bhojani will speak about her experiences as Founding CEO of Innoventures Education in Dubai.

For hard expertise on pure EdTech, Kognity has invited Marie-France Labelle, STEM Director and Learning Technology Coordinator at the International School of Geneva (ISG), where the IB was founded. A psychological perspective on student engagement in international education is brought by Claire Neeson, who has taught psychology, English and drama both in the UK and Japan.


From left to right: Richard Henry, Terence Haywood, Poonam Bhojani, Marie-France Labelle and Claire Neeson.

It’s All Part of The Kognity Movement

A digital textbook is not just a product, it’s a subscription where the user and the publisher operate together as a team. While the user uses the product, data is generated and feedback is invited, so that the latter can continuously improve the product. The value provided by the product increases over time, which benefits the user as well. Likewise, all schools that are using Kognity collectively form a movement, where they can inspire each other to find innovative ways of using Kognity’s textbooks. Together, this movement can redefine education.

For every new user pushing in the same direction, the process of product improvement gets better. Each school is different and will always contribute in its own unique way. Every single teacher and administrator has a bespoke approach and will contribute to new solutions to educational problems. The Kognity Movement is growing at a skyrocketing pace, now spanning across six continents and 50 countries, around 20 of which will be represented in Barcelona in October. It’s no surprise that the Kognity Conference constitutes the pinnacle of this movement.

The Kognity Conference is essentially a teambuilding exercise, where all members of the Kognity movement are allowed to exchange ideas and motivate one another to excel as educators. The teambuilding nature is also the reason for including networking and a dinner in a relaxed setting.

Author: Abigail Bryant

Abi is Head of Support at Kognity, where she works closely with teachers and students getting them set up and ensuring their experience with Kognity is a great one. Previously she worked as an English teacher working with International Schools in South East Asia.

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