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January’s ‘Meet the Kognite’ with Alice

Posted by Abigail Bryant on January 09, 2017

At Kognity we are extremely fortunate to work with some truly talented and extraordinary people. In order to not keep all these wonderful people to ourselves, starting in January we will be running a new monthly feature called “Meet the Kognite” where we will be introducing one Kognite each month so you can get to know the people behind Kognity.

To kick things off for 2017, we sat down with Alice to discuss her experience of studying the IB and Kognity. Alice is originally from the UK however grew up in Northern Italy. She works in our Business Development team and focuses on schools across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Hi Alice! Thank you for agreeing to talk with us. We are going to dive straight in and talk about the IB. When did you study the IBDP?

I did the IBDP around 10 years ago. I did the IB in Milan at the International School of Milan in Italy.

What IB subjects did you study?

My Higher Levels were English Literature, Spanish B and History and then I also studied Standard Level Maths, Chemistry and Italian.

What did you find the most challenging thing about the IB?

I think probably for me the most challenging thing was dealing with my expectations versus the results. Also keeping myself motivated when things didn’t necessarily go to plan, remembering that it wasn’t the end of the world.

What did you enjoy the most about doing the IB?

I loved my extended essay. I know a lot of people say they don’t enjoy their extended essay, at least my friends at my school felt like that. I loved it! I chose to write it in English Literature which is what I then went on to study at university. I wrote about a play which I really really loved and still love, which was Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”.

How did you start working at Kognity?

I actually started working with Kognity’s sister company, Lanterna Education. I actually first got in touch with Lanterna as a stressed out IB student. I took a History course with Lanterna, who run revision courses and that was really the start of everything. After working for Lanterna in a variety of roles I decided to take on a new challenge by coming over to Sweden and working with Kognity.

What has been the most surprising thing you have found about working for Kognity?

I think the most surprising thing I have found is how different and unique IB schools are around the world. I have been able to visit IB schools across Europe and the Middle East and there is such a range of types of schools. I think it shows that there isn’t really one fixed way of doing the IB. It works globally in whatever setting or context and so many schools are doing things in completely different ways but equally successfully.

What is your favourite thing about being based in Stockholm?

This is probably really cheesy but being able to spend lots of quality time with the Kognity team. That and my failing attempts to learn Swedish.

To finish off, As an IB alumnae what piece of advice would you give to current IB students?

Stick with it! It is all worth it in the end.

Thank you Alice! If you have any questions for Alice let us know in the comments below and make sure to read the feature next month when we introduce another Kognite.

Author: Abigail Bryant

Abi is Head of Support at Kognity, where she works closely with teachers and students getting them set up and ensuring their experience with Kognity is a great one. Previously she worked as an English teacher working with International Schools in South East Asia.

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