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Kognity Conference: Team-Spirit, Experience, Recurrence

Posted by Abigail Bryant on September 26, 2016

Team spirit

The advent of technology has made the world smaller. In order to stay at the forefront, each organisation could make use of the benefits brought about by this swift shrinking. The trade of textbook publishing is no exception. While there is a vast market of companies selling textbooks, Kognity has been quick to embrace our global network of users. Kognity has a lot to learn from its users and its users from each other.


Kognity’s focus on embracing the community we have created has created some degree of team spirit, which is best experienced at the Kognity Conference. There will be lots of room for such team spirit to manifest itself. For example, the workshops and talks are interactive in their nature so that everyone can learn from one another. It’s not a one-way flow of information, but the creation of a malleable network of knowledge.

In order to strengthen the bonds between members of the Kognity movement, there is informal mingling. Starting with a walk from the Conference to the Dinner through beautiful Barcelona, talking about the experiences gained during the day, and continuing with a relaxed dinner with like-minded IB teachers. Since almost all participants are also attending the IBAEM in conjunction with the Kognity Conference, you will continue to meet them during the following days. Together you will view the content of the IBAEM conference in a completely new way.


The true potential of the Kognity Conference lies in the fact that it’s recurring. Teachers and administrators who join us in Barcelona will be inspired to revamp their teaching, using the experiences of other participants and the expertise of our speakers. Thanks to our networking opportunities, you can stay in touch with colleagues from around the world who face the same challenges. You can continuously exchange ideas and experiences as you all embark on the path toward the Flipped Classroom and a more modern approach to learning.

When our movement and Conference becomes deeply entrenched in the IB community, it will be beneficial to have been around since the beginning. Such experience will put some teachers in better positions to become speakers or contribute in other ways. This builds a global reputation of tech-savviness. Such reputation reflects on teachers individually, but also on their respective schools. This is increasingly important as education moves towards complete digitalisation.

This time, the knowledge network that we’re creating revolves around the Flipped Classroom. Next time, it might be something completely different, depending on what’s the hottest topic in international education at the time. This is one of our many ways of pushing boundaries and bringing IB teachers with us.

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Author: Abigail Bryant

Abi is Head of Support at Kognity, where she works closely with teachers and students getting them set up and ensuring their experience with Kognity is a great one. Previously she worked as an English teacher working with International Schools in South East Asia.

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