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All the elements of a teacher’s toolkit in one platform.

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At Kognity we are revolutionising learning.


  • Open-ended interactive activities help support mathematical exploration, and develop reasoning and problem-solving skills.


  • Diagnostic questions at the start of a topic build fluency, and help students to ensure they are building on secure foundations. Embedded assessments throughout the book with real-time feedback help students to see clear progress in their learning.

Worked examples

  • Clear worked examples scaffold students’ learning, allowing them to build their knowledge and skills, and see connections between different areas of maths.

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Here’s how you get started with Kognity

Many of education technologies fail to have an impact in the classroom due to lack of sufficient and effective implementation. At Kognity we do things differently. Ensuring that teachers and students know not only how to use Kognity, but how to incorporate it into and enhance their existing learning experience is the very least we can do. We also know how precious teachers’ time is, which is why we do all administration for you.


Start your trial commitment-free, at a time that suits you.


Simply send your student and teacher details to us and we will set up all user accounts.


We train all your students and teachers! Just confirm your availability with our team.

"The questions truly make the students think. Too many online platforms are just recall and we need to be thinking about how to take our students’ knowledge to the next level. I highly recommend Kognity."

- Sophie Flanagan, Head of Dept. at Ark Elvin Academy, Wembleyr

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