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Do you think a digital textbook is a PDF? Not according to us!

Know What Your Students Know

By rethinking what a textbook could be, Kognity moves away from plain text to an interactive learning experience to suit the needs of your students. In this way, we can change the textbook from a static one-way to a dynamic two-way flow of information, thus helping teachers and students achieve better results.

Interactive Learning

Our textbooks offer videos, animations, and automatically corrected questions to fully utilize the capacity technology can offer in improving learning for students.

Automated Feedback

All our questions provide automatic feedback, which builds up a profile of the students’ strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can use this information to tailor their classes for maximum results.

Advanced Analytics

One of the key strengths of Kognity’s digital textbooks is the ability to track data and display it for you so you can put efforts into adjusting your efforts according to students results, thus bringing them to the next level.

Quality-Assured Content

Our intelligent textbooks are specifically designed to match the curricula with content highly relevant for schools. Experiences educators and examiners have authored the texts and questions to tailor-fit the needs of teachers and students.


Why Kognity?

Get more out of the time you spend in and outside the classroom. Every hour your students spend on studying with Kognity, will be gained back in progress data for both them and you. You can then create an individualized learning experience by constantly adjusting your instruction according to student results, which ultimately leads to improved results.

Dedicated Support

Our support will be there every step of the way to ensure that you are up and running without any roadbumps. If you do hit any, our staff will help you solve them.

Higher Scores

Higher Scores

90% of students feel that Kognity has helped them achieve higher scores on tests.

More Engaging

More Engaging

86.1% of students find Kognity more engaging and fun than their printed textbooks.

Simplifies Assessment

Simplifies Assessment

89.5% of teachers find that Kognity simplifies formative assessment.

Partnership with:

International School of Geneva

Kognity has been developed through a collaboration with the International School of Geneva (ISG). ISG have been there every step of the way to ensure that Kognity does what it is supposed to do: to be a practical and easy-to-use digital textbook for both teachers and students.



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